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Worth the Money
Effective and worth the money. Friendly customer service. It made a huge difference. Good customer service, Books appointments quickly, and showed care when working in the home.

Michael and Bridgett Samson, Eden SD

Did a good job. Came when the appointment was scheduled. Did not leave a mess in our home. Efficient, very satisfied with your work.

Donna Ronfeldt, Redfield SD

Very Effective and professional. Showed me what he was doing and left the basement area clean and neat. Did a good job-felt I got my money’s worth.

Sharon Groskopf, Mobridge SD

Saved from Mildew
House is old and never had the ducts cleaned. Also had a wet basement and was afraid there might be mildew. (I have) seasonal allergies so I have yet to find out if cleaning made a difference. It was much needed after seeing how much crap was actually in the ducts. Very quick, no mess. After seeing how dirty the air ducts were in the house, we just feel better after they are cleaned.

Ray Anderson, Aberdeen, SD

Holes Repaired
I was happy with the work. He showed up when agreed upon and the job was done. I’m happy with Cletus’ work. Cletus showed me I had holes in my air ducts which I repaired, and the air conditioning worked much better. Thank you.

Steve Schurr, Roscoe, SD

Dog hair gone
Great service and done before you’re home from work. Done in a timely fashion and decent price. Helped a lot with dog hair and dandruff. Don’t have to dust so often.

Nathan & Paige Rondeau, Aberdeen, SD

Smells Better
Noticed a much cleaner smell in the house. Less dust. If you are allergic to dust or other, it would be a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned. There has definitely been less dust. Better smell since the ducts are not blowing (dust) around. Best Carpet and Complete Air Duct Cleaning, Cletus does a very good job. The price is right. Give him a call.

Bernadette Bisbee, Aberdeen, SD

Saves On Cleaning
Friendly Service and thorough duct cleaning. It’s nice to not have to dust my house so often. A very good job was provided and it’s nice not having to clean dust all the time.

Nick and Bobbie Fesler, Aberdeen, SD

We moved into a brand-new home. So, to avoid construction dust we had vents cleaned. Very timely and good job. Knowledgeable and professional. A good business that is accurate at estimates and did a professional job.

Janean Block, Aberdeen, SD

(We were) sneezing/coughing. Less (dust) in the air, significant improvement. Professional performance all the way from start to finish. Prompt-upfront-thorough. Get a service shows owner stands behind his service trustworthy.

Erwin L Johnson, Aberdeen, SD

New What They Were Doing
They were great. Friendly, know what they were doing. It helped to keep my house a little less dusty. They were very accommodating and answered all the questions I had. I did refer my aunt who also used your service and was happy. Highly recommended. So glad we had you come out for the service. Thank you.

Regg and Daniell Hage

Fire Risk Reduced
An addition had been added to our house about 6 ½ years before, so there was construction dust in the ducts. I felt the ducts were thoroughly cleaned. I appreciate the sticker on the furnace listing the date of duct cleaning. Since the duct from the dryer was a long way from the vent on the outside of the house, I felt more comfortable about less chance of a fire after the (dryer) duct had been cleaned.

Shirley Lacher, Aberdeen, SD

We have had both the air ducts and carpets cleaned by Cletus. He is meticulous, professional, affordable and simply amazing. I would highly recommend Best Carpet and Complete Air Duct Cleaning. You will be happy with the results.

Christa Lawrence, Aberdeen, SD

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